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NEW "Love is..." Series every Monday from J.C. Pets!

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This is what LOVE is! Leave us your comment on what LOVE is, and you may just find it in the next post!

Christian Toys welcoming someone new

Something is hatching at J.C. Pets!

Ira finds an Easter egg... The pets all gather around, beaming with curiosity... Soon the egg makes a loud noise! A big fur ball peeks out, with a big smile on its face! Ethan, Lily, Leo, and Ira want to know what their new friend's name is... Can you give it a good name? Follow this link!

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How Your Purchase of Christian Stuffed Animals is Helping Hati

Have you wondered what happens to your money after you made a purchase of our Christian stuffed animals here at J.C. Pets?  As we have promised, a portion of every purchase a Christian stuffed animal goes to SOS Children's Village USA, and your money has been going into helping the children of Haiti after the devastating Hurricane Matthew [...]

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Happy New Year... J.C. Pets for ALL ages!

Happy New Year folks! It's our first post of the year, and thought it'd be the perfect time to share a photo from our friends Marie and Gregg in Arlington, MA! This is their son Caleb with Ethan the Lion! He seems to be fascinated, happy, then asleep! We love it! We really hope that [...]

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Bits of Splendor! Christmas wishes, prayers for little ones, and an awesome new photo!

We really have been so blessed collaborating with some generous moms this Christmas season. This photo above comes from Laura Caddell from Texas ( @bitsofsplendor) who has a sweet family and she's a pretty stylish photographer too! :)  Not only this, but we started reading her website, and she has a really inspiring story! She and her family [...]

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Mary with Lily the Lamb!

We recently started a new collaboration with an awesome mom Kendra we ran into on Instagram- @marebearmom !! She and her family are from Boston, MA, and they have some pretty darn cute kids. Her daughter Mary is a precious little one, and Kendra took this PERFECT shot of Mary with Lily the Lamb. It's absolutely one [...]

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We made the Gift that Gives Back list!

Ahead of the Christmas season, we know that all of us are wondering what to give our love ones, to show how much we appreciate them being in our lives, and share with them the Good News of Christ! That is why we are so incredibly happy to be in the gift guide from Lauren [...]

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Wonderful Story from our friends at Vine Maple Place!

We are thrilled to have Vine Maple Place who is such an amazing organization in our Share His Love network! The story of the 3-year-old Alissa is a testament as to why their work is so important in our society today! Check them out!!Original Post Here"Alissa is a three-year-old who manages the trauma she's experienced [...]

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Hello Maple and Olive!

J.C. Pets is expending our Share His Love Program! We are super excited to welcome Vine Maple Place of Washington and Olive Crest of Califronia, two Christian children's homes that are joining our network of friends! Both of these charities offer hope and comfort to children in crisis. You can now gift a J.C. Pets directly to the kids in [...]

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See you at the Yolo County Fair!

J.C. Pets will be at the Yolo County Fair in Woodland California to celebrate its 40th anniversary!The details and the direction to the fair  can be found here: you there!

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