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Mary with Lily the Lamb!

Posted by J.C. Pets on

We recently started a new collaboration with an awesome mom Kendra we ran into on Instagram- @marebearmom !! She and her family are from Boston, MA, and they have some pretty darn cute kids. Her daughter Mary is a precious little one, and Kendra took this PERFECT shot of Mary with Lily the Lamb. It's absolutely one of our favorites!!! :-) In New England there the fall colors are beautiful now, and the photo really captured a sweet moment amidst the fall atmosphere of the background.

Kendra helped us get out the word about our Share His Love program where you can order J.C. Pets and we will ship them directly to a child in need at one of our participating charities. There's more info on the program and our partners here.

AND to boot, we've made the program EVEN simpler...all you have to do is write SHARE HIS LOVE in the comments section when you check out. That's it! We'll make sure those J.C. Pets become a child's buddies in the very near future...

Mary with Christian lamb toy