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NEW "Love is..." Series every Monday from J.C. Pets!

Posted by J.C. Pets on

This is what LOVE is! Leave us your comment on what LOVE is, and you may just find it in the next post!

Christian Toys welcoming someone new

Something is hatching at J.C. Pets!

Ira finds an Easter egg... The pets all gather around, beaming with curiosity... Soon the egg makes a loud noise! A big fur ball peeks out, with a big smile on its face! Ethan, Lily, Leo, and Ira want to know what their new friend's name is... Can you give it a good name? Follow this link!

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Mary with Lily the Lamb!

We recently started a new collaboration with an awesome mom Kendra we ran into on Instagram- @marebearmom !! She and her family are from Boston, MA, and they have some pretty darn cute kids. Her daughter Mary is a precious little one, and Kendra took this PERFECT shot of Mary with Lily the Lamb. It's absolutely one [...]

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