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Meet the Pets



Ethan the Lion

Ethan the Lion is strong, but he’s also gentle and a big softy at heart. You can hear him roar at church every Sunday! He’s got a loud voice, and loves to sing to God. His favorite thing is to sing passages from the Psalms so everyone can hear!



Lily the Lamb

Lily the Lamb has a pure heart, just like the flower she is named after. She is peace-loving, looks up to the Lord, and never misses a Sunday service. She loves her friends, and is always eager to help. Lily also loves to read. Can you guess what her favorite book is?



Taylor the Lion

Taylor the Lion is a fierce and loyal friend, and is always by their sides whenever they’re in need. Taylor is a proud defender of the faith, and is also very compassionate and grateful for this wonderful world that God has created!



Ira the Lamb

Ira the Lamb is energetic, and is the funniest lamb in the flock! He loves making his friends laugh with his funky gymnastic moves! He also loves to eat, and makes a mess in the kitchen all the time. But he always cleans up after himself, of course!